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Bike trip

In March 2018 I set off on a bike trip from Amsterdam to the great wall of China. I don't have a blog, facebook page or twitter feed, but I am carrying along a gps tracker that updates my position on the map  and a small camera.

Recent pictures

The route

On the first leg of my trip I followed the via Claudia Augusta over the alps, the via Francigena through Italy and the via Egnatia into Istanbul. From there I continued along the Turkish Black coast and through the Caucasus to Baku, Azerbaijan.

If all goes well I hope to board the ferry to Aqtau in Kazakhstan in a few days. From there I plan to cross the Kyzylkum desert by pedalling the length of Uzbekistan from northwest to southeast. As a redhead with sensitive skin this is something I am just a little nervous about. At the same time I'm very eager to see the desert with my own eyes and wonder what the stars will look like in a place with little to no electric light.

After the desert, the Pamir highway is up next. For now, this is the part of the trip that I’m the most excited about. I’ll probably be less happy when struggling to get up a Pamir pass with a fully loaded bicycle but spoken from my cosy seat behind a computer I can’t wait.

After that the plan is still pretty rough. Western China and Mongolia both beckon, although much depends on the weather - not sure if I’m up for a full-blown Mongolian winter - and on how easy it will be to get the required visas in my passport.


Last but not least, for interested bike and camping gear nerds, here's a detailed list of the stuff I'm carrrying along with me.

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